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Our first back to school

img_20170831_075923453.jpgEmerald started TK (transitional kindergarten) a few weeks ago and she has absolutely loved it. It has been quiet a big transition for all of us. Changing schedules on kiddos is never easy and it has taken us three weeks to get the hang of it and how to get out the door in the morning on time and stress free. We now make her lunch the nigh before and lay out her clothes, that she approves so no fights happen in the morning. Even started laying out Violet’s clothes (who can get herself dressed better than her older sister). I have seen Emerald grow so much just in the past few weeks, I was very hesitant sending her to school five times a week at four years old, but she has really thrived. Although she has come home everyday saying she got in trouble . . . come to find out anytime the teacher asks the class to “catch a bubble in their mouth” Emerald thinks she is in trouble. Plus anytime someone else gets in trouble we get to hear about it and she says she got in trouble too and I have to explain to her just because other kids get in trouble in your class does not mean you are too. My sensitive little one.


Violet has had a hard time with sister being gone each day. The first week she asked¬†every few minutes – where’s my sister?- Now in the third week she only asks a couple¬†times a day, can’t wait until we get to not asking anymore I’m a little tired of explaining the same thing over and over again. Oh Violet! The nice thing about all of this is getting to spend so much time with Violet one on one which I never really have been able to do. It has been a lot of work for me finding things to entertain her all day, but we have been having a lot of fun. She is a character and is my crazy wild silly one who has a complete mind of her own and always wants to do everything by herself. This picture is so Violet right now. She loves sitting or standing on top of all the furniture and always has one of the following four items with her: Ariel, Flounder, baby unicorn her silver cuddle.

IMG_20170830_130403464So that Brock and I could both attend the Back to School night we asked my parents to come watch the girl at our house, unfortunately my mom broke her rib a few days ago so my dad (Papa) decided to come watch them by himself. Emerald decided the best activity to do was decorate cookies, of course! So we baked up cookies and mixed up some frosting and had tons of sprinkles. Typically when they go to my parents house Papa has them help make donuts, but not at our house. The girls had so much fun hanging out with Papa and eating lots of frosting. And Brock and I had a great time getting to see everything Emerald has been working on in her class. We are so proud of our little girl who is just growing up way too fast.

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Well here we go . . .

So I have finally decided to start a blog about my life . . . with much encouragement from my husband, after all he is my biggest cheerleader. SO here I am just sharing our little lives with all of you. I really just want to keep record of our family adventures and if you are entertained, encouraged or some how amused, you are welcome! Just setting up this little blog has been challenging. I did not realize how long I have been out of the computer game, apparently staying home with the kiddos for the last five years I have forgotten a thing or two or maybe it is just mommy brain. Well, get ready for some posts about silly crazy kiddo, baking, camping, disney and life adventures from the four of us.