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Mattress shopping online

So my husband and I have been wanting to get a new mattress and he is dead set on ordering one and having it delivered to our house so we can do risk free trials and pick one we really like because lets be honest how can you decide if you like a mattress without sleeping on it for a few nights. The first mattress he ordered was from and we went with the 10inch Gel Memory Foam mattress. When the box arrived I had to wait for my husband to get home from work because the box was so heavy I could not carry it upstair into our room. So if you are interested in getting one delivered keep that in mind. We opened up the box and took out the mattress and I was surprised it did not smell like packaging (which I think most things do when you get

IMG_20170924_125330418them shipped to you) It took maybe an hour for the mattress to completely flatten and I tried laying on it . . . it was comfortable but I was not sold on it. That night I slept terribly I woke up feeling like I had been in a car accident ūüė¶ I promised Brock I would try it a few more nights but if it did not get better I wanted my old mattress back which we kept in our room because who knew what we were going to get with these mattress. I have read so many blogs about all different beds that get shipped to you but I wondered if they were all paid for ???? Needless to say the next few nights were the same. I am typically a side sleeper and not the best back ( I was in a motorcycle accident ten years ago) so if it is not lined up I wake up with a tight back anyway I had my husband contact them and they were extremely nice and offered to send out a mattress pad and a memory foam pad. We got the mattress pad about a week later (that whole time I was hating life) The mattress pad made it better but still not great, you know it can’t be good when I wanted to go back to my old mattress that started the search to begin with. So we contacted them to let them know we did not want to keep the mattress. They had The Salvation Army come pick it up and they gave us a full refund . . .¬†IMG_20171022_161048_905so that process was not too bad (other than a mattress I did not like) and the company was wonderful to deal with just wished the mattress was a better fit for us. While we were waiting for the Salvation Army to pick it up we brought it down to the living room because really who needs more mattresses in their room and we let the girls play on it.

Well of course Brock ordered another mattress and this time from #bestmattressever in soft. Again same thing had to wait for Brock to come home and set it up. This one came with sheets and pillows (I think they really want to you like them lol) I really liked the pillows I am now using the pillows and love them definitely keeping those. I do like this mattress better than the last but again was hesitant the first night I was just so happy to not be sleeping on the last mattress. I would not say that the mattress is as soft as they claim but we definitely sleep way better on this one (although I am using the memory foam pad on it) we are still deciding but this one could be a keeper. I love shopping online for just about everything (especially since now you can shop Nordstrom Rack online) and I might stick with even buying mattresses too. The process was really easy with both the companies we tried and should we need to try another . . . hopefully we can settle on something soon.



Mommy needs a break . . . ladies wine trip

A few of my close friends started a tradition several years back of a ladies wine trip for my birthday. I love my friends they are so amazing! This year since I will be out of the country for my actual birthday (I’m going to Italy!) we went a month early to celebrate. We always go to Solvang, Ca which we love so much, however over the years it has changed . . . We remember when wine tasting was free and a few places $5 and they would give you the wine glass, now it is $15-20 and no wine glass. Crazy how in the last several years it has changed anyway besides the point. 133We met at my house Saturday morning so we could all drive up together . . . ROAD TRIP! We stay at the Holiday Inn Express in Solvang because they have a room with THREE queen beds! This is our favorite place to stay when there is a group of us going it is walking distance to everything in Solvang.

120We started off the trip by stopping at Shoestring Winery for wine¬†tasting and there¬†happened to be jelly and flavored salt tasting too. I bought some of the salt, its Rose Sriracha flavored and so delish! The wine was wonderful and we were happy to be visiting on the weekend since this winery is only open on weekends. This was a perfect start to our ladies wine weekend.¬†Second stop was Lincourt Winery which I absolutely love clearly since I am a member here. I fell in love with the wine and the way this place made me feel so at home. It is an adorable 1926 craftsman home (incase you don’t

128know I am a sucker for these homes, um you know I do live in house built in 1921) We were here for a little while just relaxing in the chairs that overlook the vineyard.  And yes that is me running through the vineyard so happy loving life and enjoying time with my friends. Also I might have been a little tipsy at this point after all it is not that often that I dink more than a glass or two of wine and the two places we had gone already were very generous with the pours and even gave a few extra tastings. 42

Next stop was the little town of Los Olivos for some lunch (and a little more wine tasting never hurts) Our typical spot is the Sides Restaurant however this time we decided to try a little sandwich shop Panino (this place was just ok to me however I am not a huge sandwich fan so probably not the best critic) The wine tasting room next door to Panino, Tensely Wine let us sit inside to eat . . . well and wine taste which was nice to not have to eat outside since it was so warm, we are talking 100 degrees all day YIKES!


By this point we were a little tipsy but having a wonderful time being silly ladies and kid free. To the hotel we went to freshen up and relax before heading to dinner. We ended up at one of my favorite little places Hadsten House Restaurant. By the time we finished dinner it was around 10pm and I was so tired but ended up going out with the ladies for a beer and live music at the Solvang Brewing Company. I am not gonna lie after a long hot day of wine tasting I am typically not in the mood for more alcohol but for some reason I was in the mood for a beer and I was glad I got one (well shared two different beers with the ladies) We ordered a stein which is why we shared that is little too much for any of us. The first was the 1957 Brown ale and it was so good the second was the Odin Stout, which stout is

152typically my favorite the darker the better when it comes to beer for me. We ended that night be completely entertained by a group of guys we met who were also up visiting from Los Angeles but for a guys weekend.

After getting some sleep lets be honest I was completely awake by 730am and headed down to the breakfast at the hotel so that I would not wake the other ladies. It was nice I got a chance to talk to Brock and the girls before headed back to the room to get ready for another filled day. Once all the ladies were ready we left for brunch at the Succulent Cafe which was so good but way to big of portions mostly because I had eaten a cinnamon roll and yogurt a couple hours earlier at the hotel. Brunch was followed by walking around Solvang and window shopping plus sampling the fudge at Old Danish Fudge Kitchen. We ended at Solvang with getting some yummy treats from Olsen Danish Village Bakery. On the drive out we stopped at Firestone Vineyard for one last tasting and this place has a beautiful view.  Another wonderful ladies wine trip in the books, hopefully another one will be planned soon since I love getting my crazy out and having a little mommy break.IMG_62391