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Mattress shopping online

So my husband and I have been wanting to get a new mattress and he is dead set on ordering one and having it delivered to our house so we can do risk free trials and pick one we really like because lets be honest how can you decide if you like a mattress without sleeping on it for a few nights. The first mattress he ordered was from and we went with the 10inch Gel Memory Foam mattress. When the box arrived I had to wait for my husband to get home from work because the box was so heavy I could not carry it upstair into our room. So if you are interested in getting one delivered keep that in mind. We opened up the box and took out the mattress and I was surprised it did not smell like packaging (which I think most things do when you get

IMG_20170924_125330418them shipped to you) It took maybe an hour for the mattress to completely flatten and I tried laying on it . . . it was comfortable but I was not sold on it. That night I slept terribly I woke up feeling like I had been in a car accident 😦 I promised Brock I would try it a few more nights but if it did not get better I wanted my old mattress back which we kept in our room because who knew what we were going to get with these mattress. I have read so many blogs about all different beds that get shipped to you but I wondered if they were all paid for ???? Needless to say the next few nights were the same. I am typically a side sleeper and not the best back ( I was in a motorcycle accident ten years ago) so if it is not lined up I wake up with a tight back anyway I had my husband contact them and they were extremely nice and offered to send out a mattress pad and a memory foam pad. We got the mattress pad about a week later (that whole time I was hating life) The mattress pad made it better but still not great, you know it can’t be good when I wanted to go back to my old mattress that started the search to begin with. So we contacted them to let them know we did not want to keep the mattress. They had The Salvation Army come pick it up and they gave us a full refund . . . IMG_20171022_161048_905so that process was not too bad (other than a mattress I did not like) and the company was wonderful to deal with just wished the mattress was a better fit for us. While we were waiting for the Salvation Army to pick it up we brought it down to the living room because really who needs more mattresses in their room and we let the girls play on it.

Well of course Brock ordered another mattress and this time from #bestmattressever in soft. Again same thing had to wait for Brock to come home and set it up. This one came with sheets and pillows (I think they really want to you like them lol) I really liked the pillows I am now using the pillows and love them definitely keeping those. I do like this mattress better than the last but again was hesitant the first night I was just so happy to not be sleeping on the last mattress. I would not say that the mattress is as soft as they claim but we definitely sleep way better on this one (although I am using the memory foam pad on it) we are still deciding but this one could be a keeper. I love shopping online for just about everything (especially since now you can shop Nordstrom Rack online) and I might stick with even buying mattresses too. The process was really easy with both the companies we tried and should we need to try another . . . hopefully we can settle on something soon.


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