Well thanks for wanting to know about me . . . I grew up in southern California and never left. I am so lucky to be married to my best friend, Brock. Who would have ever thought you could meet the love of your life at a bar, but we did. We have two adorable daughters that I am fortunate to stay home with. We live in a small house that was built in 1921 and we updated right before we moved in. I actually went into labor with Emerald our eldest daughter the night we moved in, such a nice house warming gift. Emerald is a sweetheart of a little girl she is so thoughtful and caring of everyone. Our second daughter, Violet is a little more on the spunky wild side. These three humans are my life and who I love to spend all my time with, although occasionally needing a break because what parent doesn’t. One of my husband and my favorite things to do is some wine tasting because who doesn’t love that! My other passions are baking, camping, family trips to disneyland and really anything that we can have a good time doing together. I do my best to document all our life adventures and hope you enjoy reading about them. 

Love the life you are living