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Mommy and me

Violet started Mommy and Me and her first dance class. She loved every minute of it. I was a little nervous since she is our little wild and free spirit, but this was probably one of the best things for her. The classes kept her moving and getting all her wiggles out. Violet even said after class she was ready for a nap . . . I’m so glad we found something that fits her personality so well. It is with the same teacher we had for Emerald when she was two. Violet is so proud that she gets to go to “school” like her big sister (so cute) she even packed her backpack with snacks and toys for school. She is really growing up so fast and communicates so well now she is no longer my baby.



Emerald is still loving school I even have been using -not going to school- as a threat when she is misbehaving and it has been working wonderfully she never wants to miss class.

She was invited to her first school birthday party at Chuck E Cheese and she absolutely loved it. I took just her and Brock stayed home with Violet which made it even more special for her plus the invitation said to dress like a princess which made Emerald so happy. She picked Belle, a costume she got two years ago . . . even tho that kid has a dozen princess dresses. It was strange for me not knowing what to do at the party at first I stayed playing the games with her, but after pizza she wanted to go off with her friends. One of the other moms was telling not to worry they can’t leave by themselves or with anyone else which did make me feel a little better, I mean come on I do leave her at school all day you would think I could handle this. It is a strange thing when your kids don’t need you anymore and want to just play with their friends, I thought it would be a few more years before getting to this point. After all this little lady will be 5 in just two short weeks. It is crazy to think that we moved into our little house almost five years ago it feels like only yesterday we were moving in and I was going into labor. . .

Well we finished off the weekend with visiting Grandma and Papa and having a little summer rain. Violet does not look too happy in all the pictures but I promise she was having the best time running around in the rain.



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Disneyland and the beach for the long weekend


Brock took a half day at work and we picked Emerald up from school and headed to Disneyland. It was 110 outside but we decided to go in the heat hoping it kept the crowds away . . . nope not so much. We had a lot of dole whip which of course the girls did not complain about. We brought a spay bottle to mist the girls so they would not overheat and we tried waiting in lines that were inside or super short. We braved the heat and stayed at disneyland until around 10pm we even made it thru Fantasmic. The girls absolutely loved the show, they were exhausted and could barely keep their eyes open but it was a hit. After the show we walked thru Downtown Disney for our favorite, some steaming hot beignets at the Jazz Kitchen.


After leaving D-land we headed to the beach house in Huntington to stay at for the next three nights. The girls woke up so excited to go play in the ocean and build sand castles. It was in the 80s and there is no a/c where we were staying but we made the most of it and stayed on the beach playing in the water. Emerald and Brock even found lots of baby clams while Violet and I played in the sand. (We used Alba Botanics sunscreen no one got a sunburn, it is amazing stuff, probably one of the best we have found and we have tried so many.)


Again we kept cool by eating lots of ice-cream the girls picked cotton candy flavored (oh the food coloring) But it is vacation and Brock and I let them pick their own flavors, no organic to be found. IMG_20170902_163328_03After spending a couple of relaxing days at the beach we were headed back for another day at Disneyland and this time we went to California Adventure too. At least this time it was only in the 80s although it was twice as packed as it was on Friday. We even waited 70 minutes in line to ride Midway Mania and half way thru waiting Violet started saying she wanted to go home . . . and it was only noon! We made it past the little tantrum and she was so happy to go on the ride. We only had to wait around ten minutes to see the princesses which is one of the girls favorite things, they love talking to the princesses and Violet even sang a song for them. Although she was sad that “Jamins” was not there.

The girls started melting down around 7pm so we headed back to the car of course stopping for our favorite treat of hot sugary beignets. We made it home around 9pm and unloaded the car. I spent all of today doing laundry and sorting thru the crazy amount of crap we had brought with us. Well now it is back to a regular schedule with the girls and hopefully some more fun adventures soon.


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Our first back to school

img_20170831_075923453.jpgEmerald started TK (transitional kindergarten) a few weeks ago and she has absolutely loved it. It has been quiet a big transition for all of us. Changing schedules on kiddos is never easy and it has taken us three weeks to get the hang of it and how to get out the door in the morning on time and stress free. We now make her lunch the nigh before and lay out her clothes, that she approves so no fights happen in the morning. Even started laying out Violet’s clothes (who can get herself dressed better than her older sister). I have seen Emerald grow so much just in the past few weeks, I was very hesitant sending her to school five times a week at four years old, but she has really thrived. Although she has come home everyday saying she got in trouble . . . come to find out anytime the teacher asks the class to “catch a bubble in their mouth” Emerald thinks she is in trouble. Plus anytime someone else gets in trouble we get to hear about it and she says she got in trouble too and I have to explain to her just because other kids get in trouble in your class does not mean you are too. My sensitive little one.


Violet has had a hard time with sister being gone each day. The first week she asked every few minutes – where’s my sister?- Now in the third week she only asks a couple times a day, can’t wait until we get to not asking anymore I’m a little tired of explaining the same thing over and over again. Oh Violet! The nice thing about all of this is getting to spend so much time with Violet one on one which I never really have been able to do. It has been a lot of work for me finding things to entertain her all day, but we have been having a lot of fun. She is a character and is my crazy wild silly one who has a complete mind of her own and always wants to do everything by herself. This picture is so Violet right now. She loves sitting or standing on top of all the furniture and always has one of the following four items with her: Ariel, Flounder, baby unicorn her silver cuddle.

IMG_20170830_130403464So that Brock and I could both attend the Back to School night we asked my parents to come watch the girl at our house, unfortunately my mom broke her rib a few days ago so my dad (Papa) decided to come watch them by himself. Emerald decided the best activity to do was decorate cookies, of course! So we baked up cookies and mixed up some frosting and had tons of sprinkles. Typically when they go to my parents house Papa has them help make donuts, but not at our house. The girls had so much fun hanging out with Papa and eating lots of frosting. And Brock and I had a great time getting to see everything Emerald has been working on in her class. We are so proud of our little girl who is just growing up way too fast.